Merlin – The Legacy (Rise of the Dark) #3 – Dark Fantasy Serial

dark fantasy

Part 3 of the top 100 bestselling Dark Fantasy Serial, Merlin – The Legacy (Rise of the Dark) is just released!

With his new mentor, Merlin begins to train as a hidden warrior, one that will be able to move into places and know things about other people that no common man can. But his training is arduous, and the shadowy Rotan has a test for him he may or may not succeed in.

The sorceress Fenella – of the Sisterhood – King Rakellian’s seer and manipulator of the dark forces, is called for by the group that has raised her since she was a child, and a formidable secret is revealed to her that will help usher more evil into the world. But Fenella realizes all she has been previously taught is not as it seems, and is torn by the darkness she has allowed to fester in her rotten soul…

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Cover Reveal For the Dark Fantasy Series – Part 3

Here’s a sneak-peak at the cover for Merlin – The Legacy #3 (Rise of the Dark) out next week. The sense of foreboding in the cover definitley represents the turn the story is taking, with Merlin now being trained in some of the dark arts.

dark fantasy

The Dark Fantasy Part 1 Now Free!

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Top 100 Amazon bestseller Merlin – The Legacy #1 (Rise of the Dark) is now FREE across all retailers. Get your copy now, and join Merlin on his dangerous quest.

This is a Dark Fantasy series, so expect some adult themes as the series goes on (as there definitely are!) It already has a couple of good reviews, here’s one of them:

‘I really like how this gives a “birth” to Merlin – of common-ness. The author doesn’t give a minute-to-minute account of Merlin’s birth, childhood, adolescence. He keeps it shadowing and intriguing but with enough detail that I knew about the characters. Looking forward to what happens next…’

Merlin – The Legacy #1 (Rise of the Dark) is FREE and available at: Amazon Barnes and Noble  Apple  Kobo  or for multiple file types, you can go to Smashwords

ps: Part 3 is out next week!

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Merlin The Legacy – Part 2 of the Dark Fantasy!

Dark Fantasy Series

My Part two of Merlin of Merlin – The Legacy (Rise of the Dark), the dark fantasy serial is now out! In this part two Merlin get’s a new mentor, a mentor experienced in the  dark arts, dark arts that will be taught to him by this man who moves in the shadows of the kingdom.

Darius the knight – Merlin’s travelling companion up until this point – and the man who first took Merlin on his quest and ultimately, to the beginning of his destiny, is now part of the northern Kings court and training his men for battle.

Although Merlin desires to also become a knight, fate took him elsewhere at this time, and he must go on a mission and learn how his new master has always manipulated events to the northern Kings advantage.

Rakellian, the King of the south – hell bent on war and domination – finds out from a sorceress that there is another vying for Excalibur…

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Merlin The Legacy – The Dark Fantasy Serial Hits Bestseller List!

Dark Fantasy Serial

With the release of part one of Merlin – Rise of the Dark, the Dark Fantasy Arthurian serial, came a lot of excitement for me. This only increased when it hit the Amazon top 100 bestsellers list in two genre’s at the same time (Arthurian and Myths and Legends!)

Take a look:

bestselling fantasy author

I have focused on the beginnings of Merlin’s life, and also the legend that he was first a warrior before he became a wizard! But Merlin’s powers are already innate in him, despite he, himself, not really understanding them as yet.

One fateful day, he comes across a dangerous rogue knight, and this is where our story truly begins.

Merlin – The Legacy #1 (Rise of the Dark) is now 0.99 and available at: Amazon Barnes and Noble  Apple  Kobo  or for multiple file types, you can go to Smashwords

ps: All my books will be DRM free where possible, this means you can read them on whichever reading device you choose! I don’t believe that ‘Digital Rights Management’ is useful or desirable; when someone buys an ebook, they should have the right to read it however they choose to.